Gout Pain Relief

How to Manage Gout Pain

Gout pain is caused when the uric acid in your body builds up and becomes crystallized and it can make the joint feel like there are millions of sharp needles sticking into your joint.  It brings with it a burning pain which can make a person have trouble with most of their daily activities.

If you have experienced this pain before the biggest thing on your mind is wanting to know how to get rid of it and get rid of it fast.  Below are a few tips to help you get rid of the pain and discomfort that you are feeling.

Cortisone shot – One of the fastest ways that you can get rid of the pain associated with gout is to visit your doctor for a cortisone shot.  Once he has given you the shot, the pain will go away almost instantly.  There are, however, side effects that come from those shots.  No one is really sure what type of long term effect cortisone has on your body so that is something to consider before having this type of treatment done.

Ice packs – Putting an ice pack on the area that is affected can be a quick fix also.  While the cold brings about its own discomfort, it is worth it once it begins to almost numb the area so that your pain subsides and the swelling begins to go down.  Use an ice pack for about 15 minutes each time you use it.

Prescription medications – Your doctor can prescribe medications that will help you get rid of the uric acid that has built up in your body.  They don’t work extremely quickly but they can be helpful.  There are certain side effects that can occur when using prescription medications so it is important that you always talk to your doctor about any adverse side effects and make sure you choose whatever method works the best for you.

Over the counter medications – Look for over the counter medications that works as an anti-inflammatory as well as can help reduce your risk of other gout attacks.

Apple Cider Vinegar –Mixing two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey can help with symptoms of gout.  You should take this mixture about two times per day for the full effect.

PH and Temperature Affects Uric Acid – Temperature affects how uric acid dissolves in the body. Studies show that gout attacks happen more frequently in springtime, due to uric acid crystals accumulating in the arms and legs during the winter cold. Some home recommend that you apply a cold pack or ice to the affected joint to reduce the swelling and pain, but this can make the problem worse when the cold causes more uric acid crystals to form.

There are several options available to your for gout pain relief, but talk to your doctor to make sure you are choosing the option that is right for you.