Cherry Juice & Diet

Gout is characterized by inflammation that occurs in a single joint that can lead to attacks of brutal pain. Once one attack has happened, unless it is treated properly, the attacks will continue to occur more and more often. The attacks can occur months or even years apart and every time they occur, a different joint can be affected.  If the gout has not been cured then the time that occurs between the attacks will become less and the attacks will begin to last longer. There are several types of gout cure that are available to you so there is no cause for you to continue to suffer. Many herbal remedies are available and they can be extremely effective for what is normally a dietary related issue.

Cherry Juice

One very effective natural gout cure can be attained by cherries or cherry juice. The consumption of cherries has a huge anti-inflammatory effect and also has been proven to reduce the level of uric acid in the body, thus stopping it from becoming crystallized in the joints, which is where gout pain occurs. It doesn’t matter what type of cherry you decide to use; fresh or canned, sweet or sour, as any kind will help with uric acid build up.  If you do decide to use cherries in your plan for a gout cure, you should consume about half a pound daily.  Cherry concentrate can also be consumed and you should have at least one tablespoon each day.

What’s on The Menu?

Because gout is a dietary disease it is important that you make necessary changes in your diet or your gout will continue to be a problem for you.  You want to limit the amount of foods you eat that contain purines like organ meats, sardines, scallops, or herring.  All of these can contribute to your gout condition and need to be either limited or cut out of your diet completely.

If you do suffer from gout another gout cure that is helpful is increasing the amount of water that you drink every day.  It is used to dilute the uric acid in your body and will alleviate the pain of gout and can stop the gout attacks from coming on.

Come up with a Diet Plan

One of the best ways to help prevent gout, and many other dietary related conditions, is always to eat a healthy diet. If you believe you have any early symptoms of a gout attack you should immediately consider changing your lifestyle and make a big change in your current diet plan.  Gout attacks will only continue to increase and the occurrences of gout attacks will become more frequent if you continue the same diet that you have now.

In addition to using the medications that were prescribed by your doctor and some good old natural remedies for gout cure, it is important that you always maintain a good weight.  Being overweight can increase your chances of suffering from gout, but once you change your diet and begin to eat right, you should see your weight problems begin to lessen.