Gout Relief


If you are one of many who suffer from acute arthritis you know just how important it is for you to find good gout relief. Sometimes the pain from gout is so excruciating it makes walking seem like an impossible task.  In some cases, the symptoms of gout need to be treated before doctors can begin to find the root of the gout problem. This makes it important for you to find gout pain relief as quickly and as easily as possible.

What is the cause?

Before you try to find out which gout relief will work the best for you, you need to determine what it is that actually triggers your gout attacks.  This is the biggest thing that is different from one person to the next.  Keep a journal of the activities that you participate in and keep another to keep track of the foods that you eat.  This way you can monitor your activities and your food intake that might cause an attack of gout for you.  Once you know what triggers the attack you can begin to work on gout relief options that work the best for you.

No Aspirin

If you decide to take some type of pain killer for your gout attack make sure that it does not contain any aspirin.  The chemicals found in aspirin stop the kidneys from performing correctly and they are not able to eliminate the uric acid from your body as they should.  You can also take some type of steroid medication that can help control the swelling associated with gout.  Pain relievers will not do anything for the swelling; only for the pain of gout so it might be necessary to take both.

Over the Counter Options

In some cases you can purchase over the counter relief drugs in the form of creams, lotions or sprays.  These will give temporary relief from gout pain simply by having a numbing effect on the area that is affected with gout.  No matter what type of medication you decide to use talk with your doctor first.  There are side effects that are always associated with any type of drug and you need to make sure that the benefits outweigh those side effects.

If you are not comfortable taking any type of medication, then you can possibly try using some type of all natural gout relief option.  There are many that can be found at your local health food store and you can also try applying ice packs or in some cases heating pads.  Heat has been known to break down the uric acid crystals which can bring relief to your joints.

There are also recipes that you can try that contain ingredients that are helpful for controlling gout pain symptoms.  Changing the type of shoes that you wear can also provide some relief in some cases for those who suffer from gout as can avoiding putting additional stress on your joints.

No matter what option you choose for yourself, talk to your doctor first so that you can avoid any problems in the future.