Gout Medication Types

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Gout Medication Types

There are several types of gout medication that may be effective for you.

Allupurinol – Allupurinol is a popular medicine and can be used to lower your level of uric acid. It helps your body’s systems to maintain the uric acid at a proper level. It is prescribed more to prevent gout symptoms than to treat them.

Analgesics – Analgesics are used to reduce pain and can be prescribed in different dosages according to the pain level of your symptoms. Analgesics will also work to reduce fevers that can happen during the gout attacks.

Colbenemid – Colbenemid was made by joining together Colchicine and Probenecid into one medication. This creates a drug that can both prevent gout attacks in the future and treat the current symptoms of your gout directly.

Colchicine – The medication called Colchicine is mainly used to prevent future attacks of gout. It is also good for helping relieve some kinds of gout symptoms. This medication can be taken in two different ways. It can be taken for a long time period in a low dosage or it can be taken for a shorter period of time in larger doses. It is strongly recommended that you treat your gout by following a gout diet along with taking this medication for gout.

Corticosteroids – Corticosteroids are used for people, who for different reasons cannot take colchicines or NSAIDs. Prednisone is an example of one of these adrenocorticotropic type hormones and is commonly taken by injecting it directly into the gout affected muscle.

Losartan – Losartan is a drug normally used to treat hypertension, and it is also useful in helping to lower the level of uric acid in your body. Common brand names of Losartan are the drugs Cozzar and Hyzzar.

NSAIDS or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Examples of NSAIDS are the drug Indomethacin. Usually NSAIDS are prescribed first when your doctor diagnoses that you have gout. NSAIDS help to lessen the pain and inflammation that goes along with gout.

Probenecid – Other names for Probenecid are Benemid and Probalan . This type of drug is usually given to chronic sufferers of gout. It works to help the kidneys get rid of greater amounts of uric acid.

Sulfinpyrazone – Sulfinpyrazone is most commonly called Anturane. This drug aids your body in maintaining a good level of uric acid. It helps to prevent the development of gouty arthritis.

The food and beverages that you consume also have an impact on the gout symptoms that you have. Keeping to a diet designed to treat gout, and also taking the right medicine prescribed by your doctor will lead to the best results.

Take a stand now and start making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. Also be sure to take your medication regularly. These two things together can make an improvement in your gout condition.

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