How to Cure Gout

There are many different types of cures for gout from your diet, using herbal or natural treatments, prescription medications, over the counter medications or any of these used together can help to not only control your gout symptoms, but cure it over time.


Gout is extremely painful and occurs when the uric acid in your blood reaches a level that is too high causing sharp crystals to form in your joints.  When this happens it cause pain and swelling in your joints causing pain and discomfort for the gout sufferer.  There are things that you can do to help reduce the build-up of uric acid in your blood and once you begin to lower your uric acid it can help to alleviate a lot of the symptoms that are associated with gout.  Nothing will work quickly so this isn’t a quick fix to gout, but using certain tips can help lower your uric acid levels and can prevent future flare ups.


Gout and Diet


The first thing to look at is your diet as this is probably the most important element of being able to control your gout.  You need to be eating a diet that is low in purines since these will cause the uric acid in your blood to build up.  Some foods that contain purines are organ meats, scallops and other seafood.  You should also maintain a healthy weight that is in line with your height.  Being obese will put you at a greater risk of suffering from gout because of the additional stress put on your joints.  If you are overweight you should try to slowly lose the excess weight until it is what it should be for your height.  Do not try to fast or be tricked into thinking some quick weight loss trick can work.  It doesn’t and it is more harmful for your body than you realize.  Exercise and eating healthy all the time will reduce your risk of gout or any other out breaks in the future.

Natural Supplements

Gout cures might also include using natural supplements and prescription medications.  If you choose this route to go then you will need to talk with your doctor to find out what treatment option is right for you.  You will need to find something that can help to keep your levels of uric acid balanced so that it doesn’t go too high.  You will need to find that healthy balance for your body and sometimes seeing your doctor can help you figure out what avenue to take.

In some cases you might need to take over the counter medications to help relieve pain and swelling in your joints when gout has occurred.  And in some cases your doctor can prescribe something for the pain if it is extremely severe.

Curing gout is all about your diet, your weight, and keeping levels of uric acid down in your blood.  Once you begin a regular regimen for all of the above your gout should disappear and should prevent any future flare ups from occurring.